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sn lighting supplies quality lighting products, expertly crafted repairs and provides bespoke manufacturing services.

Before we do any of this, we listen to understand your needs, hopes and even worries for your project. We do it with honesty and integrity and we've been doing it this way for many, many years. And if nothing else, we'll talk hockey with you over a coffee until the lights go out (ours or theirs...).


As a long established family businesses, we take immense pride in using our expertise, experience and energy to bring together the exact elements that make your lighting project, well, shine. From enterprise level construction sites to the missing screw from Aunt Betsy's Expo 67 reading lamp, we strive to provide quality product through quality service. Indeed, respect, truth and humility is embedded in our name. We never take that lightly.


Switched on or off, the right light should always be an integral part of the design and style of any space. We supply value and quality through brands that provide safe and efficent solutions for your lighting requirements as vividly as you imagined.


As a full service firm, we don't just source and deliver the perfect light fittings to your door. We ensure the right light is on the right wall, in the right room, on the right floor. From initial design ideas to completed project, we'll make sure everyone sees the light as you intended.


The walls may have ears but your lights have seen it all. We know your lights have shone on momentous times in your lives and long may they continue to do so. We can help keep that warm familiar glow around for generations to come.

No technical babble, just an understanding of what I needed. Perfect.

Kiran S. – Desk lighting

Big house, big lighting problems. All handled beautifully by S&N.

Michelle O. – Restoration project

15 townhomes, no single lighting plan the same, no problem. Thanks to S&N Lighting.

Robert B – Builder

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5350 Imperial Street, Burnaby, BC V5J 1E6


604 433 5533

604 433 5370

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